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A reliable supplier of used clothing.


We specialize in the grading, processing and recycling of used clothing, shoes, bags, belts, etc. from Canada.

We provide excellent quality control measures when grading our products, to ensure that they meet the required quality standards.

We mainly supply Grade A used clothing, footwear, new and nearly new clothing. Our Grade A consists of many branded items and you will not find any damaged or dirty items in our bales.


All clothing are packed in bales and sold mainly by the shipping container load. Each bale weighs 100lbs (45Kg). We can ship 20ft or 40ft container of a balanced mix of men's, ladies and infant/children's used clothing.

In a 20ft container, we can load at least 230 bales (23,000 lbs).

In a40ft container, we can load at least 500 bales (50,000 lbs).

We also take orders for Less-Than-A-Container-Load under certain conditions.


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